2018 Hyundai GT Sport (i30)

February 27 2019, Jordan Troop

Sleeper Status

Sleeper Status

Growing up, I know knew what it is to drive European cars, having owned an MK1 Cabriolet, Mk4 TDI & 1.8T, MK5 GLI, and an MK6 2.5L. I always liked how these vehicles handled and performed. So, when I was presented the chance to test drive the 2018 Elantra GT Sport, I was honestly a little skeptical of the type of performance it would deliver. 


I took it out for a drive and upon it starting up, I was impressed by the deep throaty sound of the engine turning over. I knew I had no idea what this vehicle was about before I got into it, but my first impression was a pleasant surprise. The inside is well crafted with a race ready appearance, with the red stitching, red trim, leather, panoramic roof, 8″ touchscreen and even red seatbelts! Impressed, I released the clutch and took right off. I remembering thinking, “This is nice,” as I went down the street.

Let’s talk about performance,

A 2018 VW Golf TSI has 170 hp @ 4500 rpm & 199 lbs-ft @ 1600 rpm, a 2018 Honda Civic Si has 205 hp @ 5700 rpm & 192 lbs-ft @ 2100 rpm, and the Hyundai Elantra GT Sport is equipped with 201 hp & 195 lbs-ft both @ only 1500 rpm. Hyundai did a great job implementing this setup with how fast everything kicks in. Sure, the Si has 205 ponies, but only when you reach 5700 rpm.


We’ve talked about the interior and performance of this car, what about the exterior? Well… it’s an Elantra, this car is very well the definition of “Sleeper”. It looks exactly the same as the base and mid models, and I’m a huge fan of it. From people looking at you funny with the unexpected backfire of the exhaust to kids trying to be cool in their fart-canned aluminum box trying to pass you until you dump it. So going back to my Euro background, you can tell this car was Hyundai’s vehicle for the European market to compete with their cars.

Thanks Hyundai

For bringing this car to North America Hyundai, because the GT Sport is a pile of fun to drive. Also if you’re in Canada like me, the heated seats and steering wheel are great features.

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